Friday, June 4, 2010

Connecting the dots . . .

A visit to Kingston, for me, is never complete unless I walk the grounds of my high school - assessing the changes and reminiscing. Of course with the unrest in Western Kingston (cross town from Excelsior High School) forced the cancellation of that "memorial" trek. So what did I do instead? Check out my elementary school. Yes, I could have been one of those little girls - dark blue tunic with the light blue blouse! There is now a new sign!

I was able to connect with a dear friend from high school who now practices medicine in Mandeville.

Juliet Wynter-Daley

One of my favorite memories as a teenager is taking the train, with my cousin Heather, and being met by our Uncle Preston. The passenger train system has been defunct for quite some time, but I was just as happy to wait as a one-car freight train carrying bauxite ore rumpled by.

In the tropics the sun rises and sets at about the same time each day. And for those without a rooster to give that wake-up call, the sweet songs of the nightingale are super welcomed! Here is the bird whose sweet song gets my Uncle Sydney and Aunt Dorothy up each morning.

And what do you do between sun-up and breakfast - for my Mom, Uncle Sydney and Aunt Dorothy its a morning walk!

Uncle Sydney, Aunt Dorothy and Mom taking the morning walk

Seeing the Post Office where my Mom was employed at age 18 years evoked many memories.

Here is Mrs. Foster, daughter Pat, and my Mom. Pat has a restaurant - Lingah by the Sea - on the beach of the Mariner's Negril Beach Club. Check it out the next time you are in Negril - they are ranked # 2 in Negril.

Pat Foster, Beryl Foster, and Sybil Beaumont

Sunsets are spectacular at Lingah By The Sea

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