Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goodbye, Taino Cove - Hello, Jackie's on the Reef

After four fun-filled days Betty, Ellen, Gloria, and Millicent headed back home. Friends, newly made, here at Taino Cove, Halimah and her parents Samirah and Curtis, were also enjoying the last day of vacation.

Betty - all this luggage for 4 days? Or, was the shopping that great?

Halimah and Samirah


Pam, Sharon, Winnie and I decided to accept Jackie's invitation to visit Jackie's on the Reef before returning home. I had becone quite adept at dodging potholes created by the heavy rainfall, so never expected an encounter with the law - for, of all things, speeding! It must have been the relief or not having to figure out when to overtake a lumbering truck, or having made the decision that the time was right - building up the nerve to do so without having to swerve in from vehicle coming in the opposite direction (and possibly doing the same thing)! It must have been the excitement of seeing that smooth roadway heading to Negril. Anyway, whatever the reason, I was clocked going 84 kilometers per hour in a 50 kilometers per hour zone. Well, here is my "gift" of $5,000JMD to the government of Jamaica. (And, no, I did not even DARE ask to take his picture, rifle across his chest and all!). The rest of the day was fun!

Almonds ripening on the tree


Jackie, born in New Orleans, lived in Brooklyn, NY for many years before pursuing her dream to create a holistic refuge in Negril. Opened in 1987 she has rebuilt twice after hurricanes damaged the property. Jackie's on the Reef is not on the beach stretch - but the bluff is awesome, We enjoyed body scrubs, massages, and lunch. A lot of time was spent in the hammock - reading, watching the sea do its thing, listening the songs in the wind, and dozing off.

Entrance to Jackie's on the Reef

                        Pam on the verandah at Jackie's on the Reef                                  

Walkway to the seawater pool

The day ended with dinner at the Pushcart Restaurant!

Pam, Winnie and Sharon - Pushcart Restaurant, Negril

Guest cottages at Pushcart Hotel, Negril - Those clouds are saying "rain is coming, heavy showers are at hand!"


Time4Grace said...

Awesome, awesome!!! I need some Jackie on the Reef! Looks fab and I can't wait to go with ya the next time! Livin' it up! We forget to add relaxation to our busy schedules. You all took care of that. Peace. Lynda

Jennifer said...

Yes, you must definitely plan to be with us the next time! It was/is so mucch more than I could have ever imagined!