Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back home - one week already

There was no mistaking that the Air Jamaica plane was coming to carry me, not home, but from home to the USA.

The last few days were filled with family connections. Here I am with my favorite cousin, from childhood, Karl Fletcher, we haven't see each other in ages, only hearing from intermediaries what "stuff" each other was getting into.

I met his wife Mabel for the first time - and . . .  

enjoyed their beautiful garden with flowers and dwarf fruit trees.

Ripe grapefruits on the tree

June plum tree laden with fruit

One night was spent with Karl's brother Winston, and his wife, Maxine. Also found out that they are very good friends with the sister and brother of a good friend of mine. Talk about a small world!

Finally, I spent some time with my Dad's cousin Arthur Williams, Snr.,

before people watching at Buccaneer's Beach in MoBay -

deciding whether I should take a walk,

or, catch a crab.

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Ceejay said...

LOVE YOUR PHOTOS JENNIFER!!! ;) looks so relaxing!! i only been there once and i still have to show you my pics, LOL!!!!!