Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hotel Ixtapan - Spa & Golf Resort

Major USA TV networks and CNN recently have been sending out warning messages about safe travel into Mexico. It is unlikely that any one of those anchors or news writers have taken the 90 minute drive from the Mexico City or the 30 minutes from Toluca to the Hotel Ixtapan - Spa and Golf Resort. Tucked away in the southern region in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains is the hotel and spa, in existence since the early 1950's and boasts many repeat visits from the guests.

Lounge Area - Holistic Spa, Hotel Ixtapan
 My first day - amazing! In the words of a guest who has been coming twice per year since the early 1990's "It is a boot camp for women, with manicures, pedicures, and hair treatments added!" And so it is. There is a walk at 7 a.m.; water aerobics at 10 a.m; pilates at 11 a.m.;  . . . . well, you got the picture. The amazing thing is that several spa services, that would be additional at other places are included. So, today, after water aerobics I had a deep tissue massage. After the hike (where I made friends with a relaxing cow) and before dinner I had a loofah and fango (the loofah scrubs the body while the fango - mud from the nearby mineral springs - moistures and rejuvenates the body)! Food is deliciously prepared to facilitate weight loss. There is no sense of being hungry or denying pleasures as I had a kiwi sherbert as dessert at lunch and a papaya sherbert after dinner.

The facility is extremely family friendly with a huge water park next door. I will explore it tomorrow.

I'm thinking she wants to know who is trespassing in her territory

Water park that uses the healing mineral waters

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