Saturday, August 7, 2010

Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant

Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant have authored 7 books together. Uptown, published earlier this year, is the newest and served as the springboard for today's discussion. In addition to gaining insight into the characters and learning how and why they were created, the discussion offered a rare behind the scenes look at the publishing business. Did you know:
  • booksellers can tell a book focuses on African American issues, or is written by an African American author by its ISBN.
  • publishers pay premium fees to have select titles prominently displayed at the front of the store and/or on special display shelves throughout the store
  • the sales of a book in the first month of release mirrors the first-weekend of a movie's release. The amount of sales determines the amount of shelf-life received.

The morning ended with the exciting news that Tryin' to sleep in the bed you made has been option for a movie. The screenplay is being completed. Check in on facebook "deberryandgrant" for more information.

What could have been siesta time was shared with the Boston family -
L-R: Errol, Charmaine, Mel, Claudia (sister to Errol), Jennifer, Samantha (sister to Debra), Debra (wife to Errol), and Mrs. McCreary (mother of Mel and Rob - not in the picture). So much laughter. Errol, Debra, and Mel are the storytellers. Now I know what I am missing in Philly!

The evening into the night was spent at Legal Seafood. Yummy!

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