Thursday, May 27, 2010

A walk down memory lane

Yesterday was the scheduled date for the installation of the headstone on my father's sepulchre. Of course it was not delivered because of the unrest in Kingston. So much is attributed to the unrest! Listening to talk radio is such an educational experience because the stories, the interpretations, and the recommendations for resolutions are coming directly from the people being affected. Rumors abound, and, without any prospect for verification, I will not repeat any. What I do know is that the rest of the island, in fact, the rest of Kingston is going about the daily routines of living! So, I'm staying in the flow.

Being in the flow is awesome! With an unscheduled day, I visited with my uncle - my father's older, and only brother (they had three older sisters). Uncle Sydney is 92 years old, married to the same woman since December 27, 1950, and has had multiple careers. (I will share the video I made soon). A scientist by training, he has been the president of a college (1962-64), Member of Parliament representing Central Manchester for the Jamaica Labor Party (1979-1989), founder and principal of a private school - Beaumont's Comprehensive College since 1964. We had such a fun time talking! No matter what career path he was pursuing, he wasl always a farmer - strawberries, honeybees, fruits (including star fruit, peaches, and sapote. Now, in retirement, has written three books, and is planning to work on his autobiography. Below are lychees, ripening on the tree in his front yard.


Time4Grace said...

Thank you for sharing your reflections.I look forward to seeing the video. I am glad were dissuaded by the media'accounting of the KIngston "gun Battles". I look fwd to seeing the video.

Time4Grace said...

I am glad u were not dissuaded. (Commenting by cell phone is not easy.) Also, I don't think I know what lychees taste like and would love to try some.

Raffinfton's Corner said...

Hopefully, by now you have had a resolution to your father's headstone. However, stay far away as you possible can from the fury and immerse your self in the majestic flow of your beloved country. I guess that one of your highlights so far, had to be your visit with your Uncle Sydney.

Umm - I love mangoes, but the naseberry is my favorite Jamaican fruit!

Jennifer said...

@Time4Grace -- Lychees are usually served in chinese restaurants as a part of the dessert. Very subtle taste - yummy, especially fresh picked!

@Raffington's Corner -- Thankfully the headstone was installed today! The fury of Western Kingston - Tivoli Gardens to be specific has abated. Life is returning to normal for many - the agony of personal loss is being experienced by several families and communities.