Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calabash Literary Festival

The combination of torrential rains that restricted travel in some areas, rescheduling of plans due to the events in Western Kingston, and my misunderstanding of how the mobile USB broadband services (data sticks, as we would say in the USA) work interrupted regular updates. So, here is what has been happening over the past two days.

First and foremost my Dad's headstone has been delivered and will be installed soon.

Headstone - Leslie Rupert Beaumont, Snr.

And then it was time to meet up with the friends coming in for Calabash. Long travel times for all, it was all smiles (of course some had libations) as we greeted each other.

Betty and Carolyn - tired, but fortified with a Red Stripe

Picturesque sunsets from Winnie's rooftop garden evoked the "Aah, it is great to be here!"

A Treasure Beach sunset - from Winnie's rooftop garden

And then it off to the festival to enjoy some readings and see Smile Orange, one of the early blockbuster films written by the late Trevor Rhone.

Saturday morning began with a walk on the beach

Betty and Carolyn on the beach

and greeting other Calabash attendees

Sonya and Jennifer

while savoring the traditional Jamaican breakfast of fresh fruit, ackee and saltfish, callaloo, boiled green bananas, sweet potato and yam!

Ellen and Jackie - breakfast on the patio

It was a special treat to chat with Jackie, owner of Jackie's on the Reef Yoga Spa and Retreat in Negril.

Simbi, Winnie (Taino Cove), and Jackie (Jackie's on the Reef Yoga Retreat and Spa)

The day offered Wole Soyinka,

Wole Soyinka and Kwame Dawes

a trip by boat to Pelican Bay,

At the Pelican Bar - Elllen, Gloria, Betty, and Carolyn

Yes, indeed - there are Pelicans at the Pelican Bar

Jennifer and Bob - Pelican Bar


Carolyn with Captain Ted in the background

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Raffington's Corner said...

Great updates and insights, looking forward to the video and especially Myrna Hague Bradshaw’s rendition of "Redemption Song"