Thursday, June 19, 2008

International Schools

As we say in Jamaica, "mi free paper burn today" as this was the last day before the intensive course begins. So, logically, I think, it is time to visit the middle school where the classes will be held, get my ID, figure out connectivity, follow-up on arrangements for supplies, and the like.

My course will be one of five offered during this second of three sessions being held. The sessions are all being held in classrooms of the Ruamrudee International School. Ruamrudee, Redeemer, and RIS Swiss Section are 3 of the 75 international schools (at least those that belong to the Association of Inernational Schools) in Thailand. They share a college-like campus in the Nimburi section of Bangkok, former rice paddies that are now filled with mansions in gated communities. These 3 schools offer english language based education using an American curriculum from PreK through 12th grade (IB and AP courses are also offered). Tuition varies by school, but the fees range from a low of 179,000 bahts ($5,351.00 US) for PreK/K to a high of 400,000 bahts ($11,958.00 US ) for grades 9-12.

With a per capita income of approximately $3,737.00 US I am guessing that students here are children of expat, business, and governmental families. Of the approximately 62 million people living in Thailand, approximately 10 million live in Bangkok. Education is mandatory through 12th grade. Using a national curriculum, there is a literacy rate of 94.9% for males and 90.5% for females. Very impressive!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

Bring it on girl, I'm sharing your newsworthy emails with my daughters and some friends. When we lived in Malaysia, it was impolite to wear shoes in the house so we took them off at the door at all times. However, my dog Toby used to bring shoes from my neighbor's yard, chew them up and leave them in my yard. Very expensive habit to say the least.

Jennie Joy said...

Hey there:

Yes, I remember Toby! Everyone is so polite! I guess it is because about 95% of the population practice Buddhism! It is a very welcomed experience.