Friday, June 20, 2008

Global Studies

Today 24 students and I began an exploration of child growth and development within cultural contexts. They are Americans living and working in Taiwan and Japan. They are Canadians living and working in Kuwait. They are Pakistani's working at American schools in their home country. They are Moaris from New Zealand. They are Filipinos and Chinese. . They are from Australia and Greece and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The perspectives represented are mind broadening. We are bringing to the forefront the reality that physical appearances and/or names are often misleading as many times they erroneously represent a sterotypical cultural alliance that is not the case.

Of course we explored models of education delivered within their geographical settings. And would you know it, the majority are affiliated with either American schools or International Schools so the student population and the curriculum did not reflect the majority of the country's population nor the educational policies. Very interesting! For example, students in Pakistan enrolled in the American school are taught in English and then have to learn their native tongue, Urdu, as a second language!

Of note is the local protests -- seeking to get a change in political leadership. Here there is a reigning monarchy. A much loved King (they all say) who has been reigning for more than 60 years -- and will be celebrating his 80th birthday soon.

On the touristy side I learned a lot more about the night market - food, very inexpensive shopping, and entertainment. Get ready to hear all about it in tomorrow's notes.

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