Friday, July 17, 2009

Venice Revisited - the islands

And so this fun cruise is over. We all return to families, work, the routines of our lives - enriched with these special memories, and of course the gifts for ourselves and others (maybe). :) :)

Murano glass is famous world wide! This distinction was bestowed on the island of Murano in 1291 when all glass making production was moved there from Venice. Most buildings in Venice were made of wood at that time so all those furnaces presented fire hazards. These pieces of public art, above, are sponsored by the Glass Museum on Murano.

Here is a fruit vendor - part of the floating market. Everything happens on water in Venice and its surrounding 126 islands.

Venice has a long history of being a maritime and naval power, as well as being a leader in ship building. This museum on the island of Arsenale documents those glory days.

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Time4Grace said...

Thank you. I loved the murano class pics. You know me - the artistt. it satisfied the eyes of this creatively starved vessel. remedying that today and through the weekend.