Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mykonos, Greece

Little Venice, in Mykonos, has houses built right on the sea, similar to the houses built on the canals in Venice, Italy. It can be extremely windy in Mykonos, so many houses are built with rounded sides.

Mykonos, is one of the 146 (or so) inhabitated islands in the Greek Isles. There are reportedly more than 2,000 islands - some in the Ionian Sea and others in the Agean Sea. On any given day there are more visiting tourists on the island than residents. Visitors shop - for designer fashions, murano glass and other jewellery, enjoy traditional greek foods, go to the beach (Super Paradise is clothing optional), sample exotic flavors of gelato, and step in the Mediterranean Sea (it was pretty warm when I stepped in).

Pedestrians, cars, delivery trucks, and mopeds all share the same narrow winding streets on Mykonos. Being alert at all times is much more than a notion.

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