Monday, July 13, 2009

All Day At Sea

Motown Revue is tonight's entertainment. There goes Fannie (far right) add pizazz, as a dancer, to the performance. Of course it doesn't stop there. We all danced into the wee hours of the morning to more than Motown hits.

Sunset over the Greek Isles!

Today is all day sailing from Venice to Athens, our first port of call. All day at sea provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the ship - food, entertainment, activities, spa services, rock wall - and talk with fellow cruisers. Here are The (pronounced as HE with a T) and Barbara W. of the Maryland Red Hatters Club. Interested in learning about this national organization for women at least 50 years? Check


Anonymous said...

your blog is good
i like it

Jennie Joy said...

Thanks, color life! I am enjoying all these new experiences. The only challenge is that the ship's internet connection is not as fast as on land, AND, it is extremely expensive - so I am budgeting my use.