Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A color for each day

There is no way I could have missed it. Everywhere I went people were in yellow shirts. Today, most people were wearing pink shirts! I just had to ask -- what's going on here? I learned that in Thailand each day is associated with a specific color, therefore the color of the day of your birth is your lucky color. There was another interesting twist. As you porbably know, Thailand has a monarchy, the king has been reigning more than 60 years. Yep you guessed it, the day of his birth is a Monday, so his flag is yellow, and everyone wears yellow in his honor.

Here they are:
Sunday - red; Monday - yellow; Tuesday - pink; Wednesday - green; Thursday - orange/brown; Friday - blue; Saturday - black/purple.

Finally, and a really big deal for me - I went downtown all by myself. I was armed with the thai version of the address for the taxi driver and the card with the hotel's address. I am ligit now!

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